Assessing Student Knowledge

of Research Design  



  This short course will provide students with a overview of research designs used in Psychology (case studies, correlational design and experimental design), basic statistical concepts, and an application of select concepts using SPSS including a Frequency Distribution.  In addition, there will be a couple of lessons on how to use Excel in a Business Class. This course can be viewed on PCs/Notebooks as well as the iPAD.

Lessons in Course




Research Design

This lesson will look at how problems are defined in scientific research, how hypotheses are specified, and the specification of dependent and independent variables. Specific ways of obtaining scientific data will be reviewed including case studies, correlational design, and experimental design.

An Overview of SPSS

This lesson will provide a brief look at SPSS with a focus on what you will need to know in order to do data entry and some basic statistical analyses.

Entering Data in SPSS

In this lesson, students will be given a sample data set and simulate entering data into SPSS.

Performing a Frequency Distrubution in SPSS

In this lesson, students will simulate using SPSS and an existing data set to perform a Frequency Distribution.

Review Quiz A short review quiz no the material presented so far.

Exam I

Assessment for first part of course.

Creating a Frequency Table This lesson will provide an introduction to creating a Frequency table in Excel
Using the Chart Wizard in Excel This lesson will simulate how to use the Chart Wizard in Excel.
Exam II Assessment for second part of the course.



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