NC-Net Training Materials

This is a prototype that was developed but never delivered. Some course content may now be outdated but serves as an example of the type of training materials that can be developed to show end-users how to use a Website such as this. This course content is now suitable for viewing in Safari Browser for MAC and PC as well as the iPAD for mobile learning.


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Lessons in the Course




Introduction to NC-Net

This lesson will give you a brief introduction to the NC-Net Website.

Using the Teaching Database

This lesson will give you practice in searching the Teaching Database.

Using the Resource Exchange Center

This lesson will give you practice in searching for a resource as well as practice in submitting your own resource.

Accessing the Self-Paced Modules

This lesson will give you practice in accessing the self-paced modules on NC-Net.

Navigating a Blackboard Course

This lesson will show you how to navigate a course in Blackboard.



Note: You may have to disabled Popup Blockers for this Website to view the lessons.