Basic Concepts Introduction

image6.gifThis section will introduce some of the basic concepts for those just getting started with ToolBook Instructor.  In order to be productive as quickly as possible, you need to know about the various elements found in the Main ToolBook window.  The latest version of ToolBook Instructor is ToolBook 10.50. ToolBook can be used to develop a variety of different learning applications for delivery to LAN, CD-ROM, and the Web. The ToolBook HTML product is SCORM compliant and thus can be deployed to most all of the existing Learning Management Systems.




The following topics will be covered in this section:


    1. The Startup Dialog Box

    2. Creating a ToolBook Book

    3. Author vs Reader Level

    4. The Main ToolBook (Authoring) Window

    5. The Menu Bar

    6. The Tool Bar

    7. The Tool Palette

    8. An Introduction to the Catalog

    9. Catalog Categories and Adding an Object

    10. Selecting an Object

    11. Properties of Objects

    12. Creating a Button with the Tool Palette

    13. Moving and Resizing an Object

    14. Working with a Text Field

    15. Working with Colors